Love Lullaby

Love, Love Love (repeat)

Love for all people, love for the masses

Love binds us all, you know it’s true

Love, Love Love (repeat)

Love for the planet, love for the people

love is awakening in your own heart

Give of it freely without condition

God’s grace will come

Love, Love, Love (repeat)

Love for all animals, love for all creatures

love the trees and our planet too

they are your family treat them well

Love, Love, Love (repeat)

Love for all souls, love for our God

Light the lamp of love in your heart

Love Love Love (repeat)

God is Love, Love is God

that’s what our brother Jesus said

It is the way, it is the truth

you will know it one day too.

Love Love Love (repeat)

(written for my wee boy Finlay November 2015)




Poetic Bedtime

Night falls upon the daydreams of man

Creative impulses turn inwards for all

Dreams play like movies on the screen of the mind

Creating confusion, contradiction, conflict yet no consequence ensues

Conscious dreaming lies near at hand for most

Yet once realized brings great clarity to the host

Dreaming lakes bring clear reflections on one’s inner state

You are what you create

As the dawn nears creativity comes awake

Sending forth conscious will to manifest

Draw the curtains on sleepiness

Grab hold of the first thoughts of morning

Create a greater daydream, each day yearning

Every day for you.

Majestic Musings caught in the Twilight

From birth to death there appears to be an end in sight

Inhaling into a material reality and exhaling into the night

Human life cycles beget conscious experiences of your plight

To have and to hold til death do us part for there can be no such rite

But what’s the point?  Oh brothers and sisters turn towards the Light!

Great schisms of triumph transforming the dawn upon the morning dew

The great sun rises, the soul stirs, long held memory awakens much askew

Oh what mighty challenge awaits us to finally stand at Heaven’s gate

Now let us consciously create!

Poem for success

Hark not to the naysayers and doubting Thomases.

Bring not feeble temptation laid upon derelict desires.

Speak not foul limitations cast upon an ever fragile mind.

Bring not the dark clouds of negativity to dampen the heart.

Feelings can betray, feelings can exhume.

No longer the downward spiral descends.

Rise up thou bodily energy through affirmative ways

Reap the benefits, reap the rewards.

From failure sprouts success.

From success nourishes hope.

From hope brings peace.

From peace bring joy to one and all.

The Lost verses book coming soon – Teachings for Harmonious Living

There is good reason it’s been almost a year since the last post of the Lost Verses blog,  the verses turned into a book.  I was guided in to the mission as follows…..

Forget all your troubles for awhile.

Write earnestly and with the conviction that these words were meant to be read

Congratulating yourself as doer of actions makes no sense

Inflates the ego, ensure surrender to the Divine will.

Spirit speaks with your grace. Be grateful. All is coming.

Create new teachings for harmonious living, dispel myths of self righteousness

Destroy ignorance and blossom love, compassion, truth and righteous behavior.

The World is waiting for your contribution.

A book will be laid out for you to scribe, taking verses long and short, arrange

Them into categories and these will form chapters.

More Divine guidance will come in time, all ends will meet as one.

Persons new will arrive to aid this stellar effort, look for them, trust them by

Looking into their eyes.

God’s will be done!

Lord’s prayer – for a new age

O Father God

Your child on Earth

Devoted to You

Give us this day to behold your light

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Your devoted child offers your Love

Forgive others for all their hurts that I have endured

Forgive me for hurtful acts upon them

Allow me to remember thy Holy ways

And forget Earthly delusions

For thine is the Divinity

The love and the Joy

In all beings



Beware the upsurge of the Egoic wave

Triumphant nature of righteousness encompasses the higher Self

So sure you are you forget your-Self

Stand tall with arms outstretched and behold something greater

Stay humble

Be humble

Live in grace

All are right

All are one


Profound expressions of Truth erupt from the core of one’s self

The trick is to notice them

The key is to live them

Then and only then each person can reach harmony within one’s self

Look within and contemplate deeply for guidance

Your best works are yet to come

Allow them to unfold as the Divine flow intends

Patience wrapped in virtue enhances the natural flow

Ego’s petulance blocks the flow,

Discard such inner activity and banish to realms of the surrendered past

Look within for a glimmer of Truth

Have faith